Microsoft partnered with the maker of the Hart voter machine on the election security

Microsoft partnered with the maker of the Hart voter machine on the election security

The security of the election machine was increasing attention after a number of problems for two cycles of the last presidential election. Microsoft wants to do its part to eliminate doubts about the legitimacy of results. It announced the partnership with Hart Intercivic, one of the major three selection machines providers in the US, to implement Microsoft’s election software.

ELECTIONGUARD allows voters to ensure their voices are calculated correctly (and are not changed) through verification end to tip. Third party election security experts can build their own programs to audit the election results through Elmeduard.

Hart will test the selection of wind in the vocational voting system, which is used by more than 500 jurisdictions in 17 states. Voters will still use the touch screen and print their choices or fill in the paper voting. After they scan their voting to courage, Electilanguard will count and encrypt it.

Voters will then receive the verification code, which they can use to check the web that really counts correctly. Microsoft said voice voter content was not revealed during this process and it would remain private.

Microsoft has worked on technology for several years. It creates an open source electionard and is available for all in 2019 with the aim of making the US vote process more transparent. Hart is the maker of the first major voting machine that combines software. Maybe if it works as promised and is quite used by the presidential campaign of 2024, wind selection will help reduce the conspiracy theory in the future about the election results.

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