Samsung to introduce this new Isocell sensor this week

Samsung to introduce this new Isocell sensor this week

Samsung has been on the news not only for smartphones but also for innovation brought to the smartphone industry. The Isocell division of Samsung, which focuses on innovation around optics, has introduced a 50 megapixel camera sensor and a recent 108 megapixel camera sensor. It also works on various other camera modules – including a 200-megapixel cellular camera sensor and 600 megapixel.

After being launched, the camera’s camera sensor can basically change the way we photographed the image using our cellular device. In a continuation, the Isocell team has announced that it will reveal a new cellular camera on June 10 and such as other camera sensors, we can expect a middle-class Samsung device to come with this new sensor.

Interestingly, the teaser distributed online said “Isocell for everyone” which implies that this new imaging sensor is targeted towards an affordable smartphone category than the upper class superior device. This further states that it can be a “extraordinary camera” but stops only to reveal any technical specifications at this time.

While we are only a few days from official opening, reports show that Samsung can replace the ISOCELL 48 megapixel sensor found in various medium devices with a <0.7μm 50 megapixel new sensor. However, because most middle class devices have come with a 48 megapixel or 64 megapixel sensor, there is a probability that the company can debut a completely new sensor.

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