How to get 8 beta watchos on your Apple Watch

How to get 8 beta watchos on your Apple Watch

At WWDC 2021, Apple launched Watchos 8, the next big update for the Apple Watch operating system which is expected to be launched with Apple Watch 7. While waiting for a full public release, anyone interested in getting an initial appearance can be downloaded from the Beta version of Watchos 8.

Users who are part of the Apple developer program can obtain beta watchos 8 first now, while public beta promised to follow in July. While all beta software has the potential to be unstable, the last – released to the public to try – usually the version or two versions behind the developer betas, but also the possibility of having fewer bugs or other problems.

Keep in mind that getting the Developer Watchos 8 Beta requires you to be part of the Apple developer program (Find out how to register here), so if you don’t want to go through the hassle or pay an annual fee, just wait for public beta. And as an additional note, because Watchos is still connected and depends on a paired iPhone, you have to download the same-sophisticated iOS version – meaning if you want to watch 8 beta, you have to download the first iOS 15 beta.

Before you even consider downloading Beta, make sure your Apple Watch is compatible with Watchos 8 – that is, if you have an Apple 3 spectacle or a newer. Since then it hasn’t changed from Watchos 7, if you can be improved it can increase to the software last year, you will be able to upload Watchos 8.

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