Google folding phones allegedly confirmed in industrial reports

Google folding phones allegedly confirmed in industrial reports

Even though they have not been sold like pancakes, maybe because of their expensive price labels, it seems to fold and other unconventional form factors such as rollable slowly but must be the usual parts of the cellular industry. Even Apple is rumored to be working on one but it might still have years. It’s a surprising, Google hasn’t taken a back seat for this development very driven by Samsung and has, in fact, has worked with phone makers to set up Android for folding devices. That might be because Google itself is working on its own folded phone and it will also need Samsung to help make it.

Technically, it will be a Samsung display, the Samsung screen making business, which will provide key components for this folded Google device. However, one of several screen manufacturers that produce flexible screens for use on cellphones so it is truly not surprising that the industry’s source claims that Google will get its supply from Samsung. Ironically, it will be used to make devices to compete with Samsung Electronics, Samsung’s business that makes Galaxy phones, including Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip Series.

Samsung’s special advantage is the use of UTG or ultra-thin glass, materials developed together with OLED Dowoo insys companies. Unlike plastic materials on the flexible screen used in the first Galaxy Fold, UTG offers not only better durability but the texture is more similar to what ordinary smart phones today. That said, it was still softer than a regular screen but the latest iteration is expected to be more resistant to scratches, especially from Stylus s.

However, there is a bit of information about Google’s folding phone but we might not have to wait too long to change rumors to flow. According to the report, Samsung displays planning to make a foldable display and UTG available for other smartphone makers in the second half of this year. Hopefully, we will hear more about folding phones from Google and maybe even Apple.

On the business side, some might be wondering about the Samsung display strategy that supplies a folding screen to Samsung’s rival. However, sure that Samsung’s advantage in the telephone room which was folded was so far to worry about the competition that pursued. Can also indirectly benefit Samsung Electronics in making folding phones that are more commonly seen in the market.

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