Galaxy Z folding 3 production has been reported

Galaxy Z folding 3 production has been reported

Samsung itself has confirmed more or less that there will be no Galaxy Note 21 this year, which means that the company’s smartphone fans will only have a cellphone that can be folded to look forward to in the coming months. Whether they sink their teeth and money into it, of course, different questions that the answer will be determined by prices and availability. Samsung is very aware of the attitude that is too careful of his cellphone that can be folded and seems to take an equally careful approach with the initial production of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

According to Winfuture sources, Samsung has got rolled balls by starting mass production components that will be used for future folding phones. By starting the process in early June 1, Samsung sent a signal that it would launch a device two or three months later. This is quite a lot to confirm the leak that the next Samsung event that has not been dismantled will be held at the end of July or in August, with the availability of products after one or two weeks later.

However, the report also noted that Samsung only produces a third of the volume which is usually passed for the mainstay smartphone “normal”. It is not surprising, given the cost of making and higher selling prices than this fold, which translates a greater risk. Samsung seems to only produce this folding cellphone gradually in order to make adjustments along the way, depending on how good or bad they sell.

Prices will definitely play a big factor in the success of the Galaxy Z fold 3 but it won’t be without reason, even if it proves it’s not convincing. There is an area where Samsung seems to have taken a step back, as in screen size or battery capacity, and other areas where it has advanced devices, such as support for SP. There are still some disagreements whether the stylus will be stored on the phone or not.

Instead, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, if it will be called it, is expected to be really cheaper than its predecessor. It was even reported to have a larger cover display on the outer specifications and upgrades. This production for foldable clamshell has not yet begun but is still expected to be launched at the same time as the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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