Verizon 5G Home Internet spread to more cities with a new cord-cutter agreement

Verizon 5G Home Internet spread to more cities with a new cord-cutter agreement

Home Internet Service 5G Verizon developed, with more cities that turned on cable replacement and promising operators to help cover the cost of initial termination to exit your old contract if you switch. Seven new places get 5G options for their home internet connection, with Verizon promising 1 Gbps download.

Indeed that is the peak level, despite Verizon’s advice on the typical download speed of around 300 Mbps is still impressive. The upload will usually be around 50 Mbps, the operator said. 4G LTE is used as a backup if the 5G network goes down.

Start today, Columbus, Oh; Greensboro, NC; And Raleigh, NC will be added to the Verizon 5G Home Internet List. On June 10, they will join the parts of Des Moines, he; New Orleans, LA; Seattle, WA; and Tucson, AZ.

This will bring the total number of cities with services up to 40, Verizon said. It is still far from the coverage of blankets, of course, although it can be said that the use of 5G mmwave for this makes it more sense than on a smartphone, where trying to find a certain position with a signal that is enough to be problematic.

As the spread of availability, Verizon wants to win those who are not happy with their current ISP. This operator offers to cover up to $ 500 in early termination costs incurred by cutting the cable, assuming you can show that the old cable or DSL provider charges a fee in the past four months.

That might not be the only way in which Verizon services are cheaper, mind. Existing customers get $ 50 per month service, including taxes and fees; If you don’t have a cellular package that meets the requirements, it’s $ 70 per month. There is only one rate, and it has no data or inhibiting limit.

The system itself is designed to install itself. There are router and window antennas, with the Verizon 5G internet gateway application running using users through the process of getting everything set. If you buy an online system, and before June 22, Verizon will also apply a loan bill of $ 100 once after you activate.

It’s not the only one free. Register now gives you a Samsung 4.6 “Chromebook, along with TV stream devices, twelve months of discovery + subscribing, and two months of TV sling.

A complete list of supported cities – on June 10 – below, and you can check specifically with the Locator 5G Verizon internet service.

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