The fossils that have smartwatches will not get new use os

The fossils that have smartwatches will not get new use os

Given how it seems stagnant for years, it is understandable that there is a lot of excitement over the new Wear OS version that will come this year. That said, the announcement still leaves many open questions, especially about which smartwatches will get updates. Putting the questions to rest, fossils give their own answers but not one who might want to be heard by the customer.

There must be many who want to be spaned with the next upgrade to use the OS. Developed in collaboration with Samsung and Fitbit, Wear OS promised to get new new UI and new focus on health and fitness, among others. And like with several newer and more sophisticated software, it might also require newer and better hardware.

Use OS SmartWatches, unfortunately, it doesn’t really match the description and the fossil is only too happy to share with CNET that it is working on a premium smartwatch that will. It is likely that it means the Snapdragon Kuarcom wear platform, a larger battery, and more biometric sensors. Unfortunately, who also suggests a higher price label, which is imitated by “premium”.

Unfortunately, the company executives also confirm that the existing fossil hero, Smartwatches will not get an increase in new OS using. It is possible because their hardware is too old or because fossils do not want to pay maintenance costs to increase all older hardware to new software and bugs that might be issued. Either way, it won’t happen.

This does suggest that it will be the same story for all OS shortcuts on the market, many of them run on longer hardware components. Most of them are also produced by companies that are not experienced in maintaining smart devices and may not have resources to push out what is possible for an easy update.

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