Tangan: Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) Review

Tangan: Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) Review

Amazon Echo Show 8 hasn’t been long, but at that time it really has its role as a middle child of the Echo show lineup. By providing more features and functionality than the Amazon Echo Show 5 at a much lower price than Amazon Echo Show 10, the Amazon Echo event provides a lot of value for money.

What the second generation of the Smart Mid-range display aims to provide is a new 13-megapixel wide angle camera and digitally enlarged during a video call and a new OCTA-core processor that helps display switches between faster applications. You also have a double stereo speaker on the board and 8-inch eponymous HD screen with adaptive colors.

As a result, so far, it feels like a functional and aesthetic smart display that can make calls to family and friends and play your favorite songs and show services like Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Video. We are still not sure whether it needs to be upgraded from echo original shows 8 for one of the new features, but if you are a newcomer to the smart home room and find a smart look, echo echo 8 can only be a good choice for you.

Price and release date

Amazon Echo Show 8 will be available starting June 9 2021 for $ 129.99 / £ 119.99 / au $ 199 in two colors, charcoal and white glacier.

In comparison, Amazon Echo showed 10 costs $ 249.99 / £ 239.99 / au $ 399.99, while Amazon Echo just showed 5 (generals 2) cost $ 84.99 / £ 74.99 / U $ 119. Amazon Echo shows 8 falls well between the two, and is a good middle place in terms of price and functionality.

That said, not only echo Amazon showed 8 middle class champions from the Amazon line, but also the price was right among Google Nest Nest Hub 2 and Google Nest Hub Max too. We will compare both of them below, but if you only see the price of stickers, the Echo Show 8 has a clear advantage here.


Indeed, there is no big difference in aesthetically between the old Amazon Echo Show 8 and the Amazon Echo Show 8 – The Shells are quite identical. In the front bezel you will find a new 13MP camera and 880 x 800 8-inch resolution display, but the opposite nothing can be seen there.

Above the Echo Show 8 is the control button for volume up / down and Alexa, but there is also a mute button that turns off the microphone and slides to cover the camera. It can’t be negotiated for privacy fans, and it’s good to have it here.

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