Super Follow Twitter may be around the corner

Super Follow Twitter may be around the corner

Given how it seems to fall by the roadside, fans of Loyal Twitter might be happy to pay attention to their favorite social networks finally take steps. The fans, however, may not be so enthusiastic about the features added by Twitter. While still holding back the ability to edit tweets, Twitter seems to be starting to encourage new features that will, instead, help monetizing networks outside the ad alone. Of course, Twitter positioned this as a way for users to also make money from their popularity and Super Follow is the other who might actually be on the threshold of launch.

Super Follows, of course, no longer a secret because his existence has been confirmed by Twitter itself. What is actually left is for subscription services to be completely launched so that the details can finally be known. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait during that time because Jane Manchun Wong is famous for having almost all the details we need.

Super Follow has been described as something like Patreon where fans can pay a monthly fee of around $ 4.99 for exclusive facilities. However, until now, what benefits are somewhat blurred. At least for now, the label and exclusive bonus content for super followers is on the table with more promised to come.

However, more interesting is the option available for content providers and requirements to be part of the program. Those who want to have super followers need to have at least 10,000 followers and have posted at least 25 tweets in the last 30 days. Strangely, it looks like Twitter will allow adult content under this program as well as several cross-platform interactions with people like the deceased and patreon.

Super follow may be launched faster than expected and it’s just one of the latest Twitter monetization options offering users. Recently launched Blue Twitter, for example, who followed the ticket room. All of these options, however, are reserved for very famous and ordinary Twitter users barely have the hope of getting into the circle.

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