RTX 3080 Ti Nvidia looks like a great superior GPU to try to buy

RTX 3080 Ti Nvidia looks like a great superior GPU to try to buy

Let’s pretend, for one second, that the GPU market is not a broker, miner and GT 1030s expensive. Even in the reality of alternatives where you can buy a GPU without hassle, Nvidia has a large number of holes in the product lineup now. Today at Computex in Taipei, some of the gaps have been filled by RTX 3070 TI and RTX 3080 IT.

First, the fast refresh is where we are on this alt. Reality: For Desktop PCs, Nvidia sells RTX 3060 for $ 329, 3060 IT for $ 399, RTX 3070 for $ 499, RTX 3080 for $ 699 and RTX 3090 for $ 1,499. Given, historically, the best sales card is to choose around $ 250, the most striking hole is still gaping, but there are other important price points that are not charged: $ 500- $ 698 ranges and each price point between $ 699 and $ 1,499.

The new RTX 3070 IT will cost $ 599, and fill the first hole as a fairly mild upgrade above RTX 3070, while the RTX 3080 IT sits neatly between 3080 and super-expensive 3090 at $ 1,199. Problem solved!


RTX 3080.

RTX 3080 IT.

RTX 3090.

SM count.




Cuda Cores.




RT Core.




Tensor Core.




Boost Clock.








Memory bandwidth

760 GB / s

912 GB / s

936 GB / s






$ 699.

$ 1,199.

$ 1,499.

We must review the 3080 IT to distinguish real world performance, but we can do some basic math to get the idea of ​​where IT sits. For rasterization – putting pixels on the screen – RTX 3080 has 29.8 deaflops power, RTX 3080 Ti has 34.1 and RTX 3090 has 35.6. (You get these numbers, which are not really proportional to anything except GPU 30-series RTX, by multiplying the number of cores with their max clock speed, and then multiplying it with the number of operations each core can handle per hour.) So, so, 3080 IT has around 96 percent of the strength of 3090, while 3080 has around 84 percent.

As specifies, the memory is where the card is completely different: 3090 has a 24GB 9,750MHz * GDDR6X on the 384-bit bus, while 3080 has a 10GB 9,500MHz GDDR6x on a narrower 320-bit bus. 3080 IT, as you would expect, sitting between the two, pairing 12GB of 9,500MHz memory like 9,500MHz with a 384-bit 3090-like bus. This places it very close to 3090 in terms of memory bandwidth, although it clearly only has half of the actual memory capacity, which can put it aside for professionals such as 3D animators and those who work with complex video projects.

* This number is actually not a memory hour, it’s an effective memory speed, but who are we to argue with Nvidia?

Then what does this mean? Nvidia has explained that the target audience for 3080 IT is gamers. (Specifically, the press material has many comparisons to 2080 IT.) Which makes a lot of sense: you might, in the game, to be very close to the performance of 3090, which, given the price difference, means 3090. just really makes sense to Professionals. It has happened because of how well 3080 performs, but there are certain types of gamers that cannot help but buy the best – 3080 IT very close so they might sway.

The decision of the value faced by gamers is now quite similar to when I decided to become the last owner of the last 2080 IT generation. Those who are looking for upscale performance at a rather reasonable price can take 3080 at $ 699, the same price as the last generation of 2080, while idiots like me who are willing to pay 40% more for a small increase in performance that can take 3080 IT inside The price range is equal to 2080 IT launched. Things differently at the end of the Aventador equation wrapped in Rainbow, because 3090 at $ 1,499 has the same use case with Titan RTX 20, which for some reason was launched at $ 2,499. 3090 is definitely a “Halo” card that is more feasible for flush gamers from ever.