Razer will take the stage at E3 2021 to debut some new hardware

Razer will take the stage at E3 2021 to debut some new hardware

Razer said he would join Microsoft, Bethesda and Ubisoft with Keynote E3 2021 this year which was set to take place on Monday, June 14 at 3pm PDT / 6 afternoon BST.

In virtual events we will see the CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan on-Stage revealing what he said will be “the latest innovation and hardware that will support the best offered by PC Gaming” which, we assume will include the usual mixture of mice, Keyboard, headphones and laptops.

Razer said this would all happen in “renewed all new reality formats” that combine living space and virtual space into a more profound experience than traditional Livestream.

Why e3? A few years ago, Razer used E3 to launch the latest version of the Razer Blade Razer and Razer Mamba back in 2015, so it was no stranger to one of the largest video game conferences in the world.

That said, this was the first time the Razer held the Keynote himself at E3 – lasted a few hours after Microsoft and the showcase with Bethesda held early Monday morning – so it was a big step forward for the company and the way to get out the front of the audience most cared.

Good news for PC gamers at E3

For PC gamers, the Razer event will definitely be worth watching. This is an opportunity to see what the company does first-hand through a virtual exhibition, and it will likely provide some good information about mice, keyboards and the next Razer headphone.

Of course, it’s just one of the many events that target the crowd of PC games this year. Together with the Gaming PC event from the site of the TechRadar’s PC Gamer and Steam Next Fest that occurred between June 16 and June 22, there would be many good things on E3 for people who preferred the mouse and keyboard above the controller.

Although there may not be a game launched on the Razer event, there is a possibility that hardware makers can talk about some other new games announced on the show and show it on a laptop razer.

It could also be only 60 minutes from Razer talking about mice and keyboards – so, you know, Temperate your expectations.

We will watch too and will cover all the shows when it happens, so stay here in TechRadar when we approach early E3 2021.

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