The Philips Hue Application Update Increases Using Smart Lights for Home Security

The Philips Hue Application Update Increases Using Smart Lights for Home Security

The best smart lights not only allow you to make the right atmosphere in your home in just a few beats, so do you watch your favorite movies, entertain, or relax with good books, smart lights can make sure your house is really lit.

Smart lights can also be an effective home security method, along with the best home security cameras, by giving someone’s appearance at home in an effort to prevent intruders, even if your property is empty.

Philips Hue hopes to make using smart lamps for home security are even easier, with enhanced applications that provide more customized home automation options (new names for routines). Hue 4.0, which is launched for iOS and Android, ensures sunrise and sunset can be mixed with certain active and deadly time when making automation.

For example – you will be able to set your patio lights to come at sunset but make sure they turn off at 2am, rather than having to stay alive until the sun rises. There is also an option to use rules like 15 minutes before sunset – this can be useful if you have a large tree in front of your terrace, which means shaking before sunset. There is also a practical feature to scramble time to turn on and die to block further intruders.

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Faster, better, stronger

The Hue 4.0 application has more than 100 updates through the current version, and at the same time Philips claims it is more responsive too and if you use the Hue Smart or Remote button to control the lights, changes will be displayed in the application instantly. Instead of taking 30 seconds to reflect change.

Other features in the new display application include multi-user geofencing, so the application will check to see if other people at home first before activating location-based automation, and can see all the lights and scenes on the same screen. , So it’s easy to control the lights and choose from different scenes without having to switch between different tabs. In addition, there is support for switching between bridges – ideal if you have several bridges in your home or you have more than one house with Philips Hue Lights in it. At the same time, the Hue scene gallery has been made more accessible for those who want color inspiration for smart lights in their homes while left-hand mode makes it easier to control the application with one hand.

It won’t stop there – Philips Hue also tempts upcoming updates because in the next few months, called a dynamic scene. It sees each lights in the room or zone slowly transition through various colors included in the scene to make unusual lighting effects.

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