Nissan’s Next-Gen Ariya EV has been postponed in the US until the beginning of 2022

Nissan’s Next-Gen Ariya EV has been postponed in the US until the beginning of 2022

The next Gen Ariya EV Nissan will arrive in the US and Europe at the end of this year, but the company now says that the dates will be pushed back. “We have delayed the beginning of Ariya’s sales, which will now be available in 2022 with a booking start this year,” said a corporate spokesman to a green car report in a statement.

The reason quoted for delays is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and a shortage of global chips that have hit cars very hard. “Nissan faces various industrial challenges, including semiconductor deficiencies. Our priority is to ensure that we provide Nissan Ariya which are all new and electricity to customers with the highest quality and maintenance levels,” said the company.

Sales in Japan have also been pushed back from mid-2021 to “this winter,” with sales to follow in Europe and the US about two months later, according to Asako Hoshino’s executive vice president. He added that demand could be the highest in Europe when it first arrived, with the whole sales estimated to be in tens of thousands during the first year, autoblog reported.

Ariya is Nissan’s first new eV in a decade and has a real futuristic look compared to Nissan leaves. This will come in a single FWD motor (215 hp) and dual-motor “e-4orce” AWD (389 hp) version. There are also two different battery options, with a 63KWH battery and an optional 87kWh battery – in a single motorbike, the 2WD version must be able to reach 300 miles from a cost.

The US version is expected to start at around $ 40,000 with a 63KWH battery, which can fall to $ 34,000 with a $ 7,500 Federal EV tax credit. In France, buyers can reach € 12,000 ($ 13,100) with € 7,000 tax credits and € 5,000 credit for trading in longer diesel cars.

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