Mophie’s MagSafe accessories come with an adapter for your Android

Mophie’s MagSafe accessories come with an adapter for your Android

Mophie has released a brand new variety of add-ons that paintings with MagSafe on Apple’s iPhone 12, attaching now no longer most effective chargers and batteries however such things as vent mounts. In addition, Mophie additionally has an adapter to apply the brand new Snap device with different, non-MagSafe phones, whether or not they be older iPhones or Android gadgets, in addition to Snap+ add-ons that consist of Qi wi-fi charging.

That Snap adapter – that allows you to be protected with all Snap add-ons, or to be had in a two-percent for $19.95 – is a slim, steel ring that sticks to the returned of a telecellsmartphone. It permits them to be well matched with all Snap and Snap+ add-ons.

There’ll be six Snap and Snap+ add-ons to start with. The maximum simple is the Snap Vent Mount ($29.95) which holds a telecellsmartphone in region withinside the automobile. It doesn’t have wi-fi charging guide, aleven though the Snap+ Wireless Vent Mount ($49.95) provides that, with an protected 20W USB-C automobile adapter.

The Snap+ Wireless Charger ($34.95) is an opportunity to Apple’s personal MagSafe. It can supply as much as 15W of Qi wi-fi charging energy to Android phones, and as much as 7.5W to iPhones. It’ll additionally price via light-weight telecellsmartphone cases, Mophie says.

The Snap+ Juice Pack Mini ($49.95) selections up one in all Mophie’s extra famous merchandise from latest years. It’s a compact, 5,000 mAh battery which clings to the returned of an iPhone 12 or a Snap adapter-prepared device. There’s USB-C input/output – to price it, or use it to price different gadgets with as much as 12W – and a four-LED energy indicator.

The Snap+ Wireless Stand targets for a niche to your desk, with 7.5W of Qi energy to your iPhone, or as much as 15W for an Android device. It can keep the telecellsmartphone in panorama or portrait orientation.

Finally, the Snap+ Powerstation Stand ($69.95) is the maximum complicated of the brand new variety. It’s each a desk-stand and a 10,000 mAh battery, with 7.5W of wi-fi charging guide for iPhone and 10W for Android. It also can supply as much as 20W through USB-C PD. Underneath, there’s a general one-region inch tripod socket; Mophie is pitching it as the correct accent for vloggers, who need a manner to each mount their telecellsmartphone for video streaming and to additionally now no longer need to fear approximately strolling low on battery whilst they do it.

The Snap+ Wireless Stand and Snap+ Powerstation Stand will cross on sale this summer/fall. All of the opposite Snap/Snap+ merchandise are to be had from today.

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