Huawei began launching its alternative to Android on mobile and tablet

Huawei began launching its alternative to Android on mobile and tablet

Huawei is ready to move from Android. From today, the company launched its own operating system, Harmonyos 2, on existing smartphones and tablets. Mate 40, P40, Mate 30 and the Matepad Pro device is the first to get updates.

In the third quarter of 2021, Harmonyos will land in Nova 6, Nova 7, Nova 8, Mate 20 and Matepad products. At the end of the year, the operating system will land on the V and S series smart screen, Mate 20 x M6 phones and tablets.

Huawei will then update material 9, pair 10, P20, P10 and Nova 5 Phone with the Harmonya in the first half of 2022. If you want to access before, you can register through the Huawei application or directly if you can visit one of the company’s shop experience stores. Overall, Huawei will shift around 100 existing products from Android and to Harmonya.

The company announced Harmonyos in 2019 and first took it to TV Vision Honor. Initially it was not intended for smartphones, but Huawei said last year it would bring the OS to his handset.

This step follows US sanctions related to the company and Google locks Huawei from Android updates, forcing him to switch to the open source version. The entity list tire against Huawei also prevents companies from bringing Google applications and services to new phones.

Huawei said Harmonyos 2 offered enhanced connectivity. This includes the drag-and-drop interface for the installation device, which seems to make it easy to move files between Windows tablets and PCs. When you watch movies on your mobile, it seems to be a Cinch to send videos to TV and audio to Earbuds, such as Freebuds 4.

The company also revealed new hardware on Wednesday, which all went on the Harmonya 2 of the gate. There are three Matepad tablets with Huawei M-pencil support on the road.

12.6-inch Matepad Pro has an OLED display and screen ratio to the body of 90 percent. Alternative iPad Pro offers a 9000 kirin processor designed by Huawei, eight speakers, four microphones, and three rear cameras, including 3D camera time flights. Teble 6.7mm thick starts at 4,999 yuan (around $ 783) for the 128GB version and will be available on June 10.

Instead of the Kirin processor, Matepad Pro 10.8-inches and Matepad 11 use a Qualcomm chip. Smaller pro tablets have Snapdragon 870, four speakers and five microphones. It will also be available on June 10, starting from 3,799 yuan (around $ 600) for the 128GB model. Matepad 11 will arrive later, and have four speakers and microphones.

Huawei announced the watch series 3 too. Smartwatch has a crown button, 316L stainless steel body, car key, video calls and ESIM support, along with health and fitness monitoring features.

Watch 3 is said to offer a three-day battery life or up to 14 days in ultra-length battery life mode. The Watch 3 Pro has a five-day battery life or up to 21 days in expanded battery mode, according to the company. Watch 3 start at £ 350 / 2,599 yuan (~ $ 400) and watch 3 pro valuable £ 500 / 3,299 yuan (around $ 520). Pre-order opens in several regions, and shipping starts on June 11.

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