Grid 4S Hands-on dan Mata-on-Tech History Meets Art

Grid 4S Hands-on dan Mata-on-Tech History Meets Art

Many of us may have our favorite telephones and gadgets, we want to preserve grandchildren and nostalgia even if they don’t even live anymore. However, most of them, finally forgotten in the drawer where they can even become potential fire hazards. However, people in Grid Studio, however, have come up with a very savory and beautiful way to preserve the history of smartphones that can also be very informative. Enter the 4S grid that takes one of the most important Apple iPhones, needed, and enjoys in hand-assembled industrial artwork suitable for the Living Room iPhone or Apple Fan.

Although one of the iPhone series “S” Apple, iPhone 4S plays an important role in the history of the company’s smartphone. Many will remember it as the first iPhone that comes with Siri, a personal assistant who started everything. Someone might be able to buy an iPhone 4S from the gray market today but why are you satisfied when you can have artwork that really shows what makes it special, inside and outside.

Shenzhen-based Grid Studio has made a name for itself to dismantle cellphones, smartwatches, and even game consoles and frame them to be part of your room decoration. Like all other grid frames, the Grid 4s with difficulty made by hand, which can also explain some very minimal stains or dirt that you will get under the glass. The big example of the company’s attention to detail is the packaging wrapped with grid branded ribbons and candle seals.

Each iPhone 4S component is carefully arranged on white A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) and marked clearly. Some, such as screens and bodies, even have measurements. More than just artwork, Grid 4S can also be information, display technology and hardware available during the period of time. It is also completely safe because the battery included in the frame is actually just a blanket with no ingredients that are dangerous and turbulent in it.

Grid 4s almost made the perfect gift for the iPhone fan, even for yourself, provided you can really justify the cost. This applies to $ 169, which is currently a discount at $ 139, which does not include shipping prices. However, for those who have resources, this handmade technology can be worth the price, not only because of its unique artistic value but also for historical and education significance.

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