Google Pixel Tunas Price of A-Series, Release Date, Features and Specifications

Google Pixel Tunas Price of A-Series, Release Date, Features and Specifications

Google finally announced the next Wireless Earbud next. Google Pixel Sure A-Series has been launched with a waiting list, and costs only $ 99 / £ 99.99 (around AU $ 130), making it much cheaper than previous pixel buds, which cost $ 179 / £ 179 / u39.

Google said the Pixel A-Series bud will be officially released on June 17, and will come in the choice of green, white, or gray olives.

The new A-Series pixel exchanges look almost identical to their predecessors, even though there are new ‘arc stabilizers’ on the inside of each Earbud, which according to Google “ensures a soft match, but is safe while spatial ventilation prevents the feeling of an installed ear”.

Unfortunately, the battery life has not been upgraded, still comes at five hours, with more than 19 hours provided by charging cases – though, it is still honored, especially when you consider the price.

Other potential cost cutting steps include loss of wireless charging and friction control, but you still get handheld free access to the Google assistant, a real-time translation, and IPX4 water resistance ranking, which means you can use it while working while working. Without worrying about sweat or rain.

As for his voice? Even though the price is lower, it sounds as if you will get the same audio performance as the previous pixel buds – however, there is a new Boost Bass feature that must make a lower frequency in your music sound stronger.

There is no sound cancellation, but there is an adaptive sound feature, which “increases or reduces volume based on your environment”, which can be useful if you wear pixel buds for a while and around.


Wre they? Next true wireless earbud from Google.

When will they be released? June 17, but you can join the waiting list now.

How much does it cost? $ 99 / £ 99.99 (about au $ 130)

Google Pixel Buds A-Series Release Date

Tunas Google Pixel A-Series will be available to buy from June 17, even though you can join the current waiting list in the US, and the UK.

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