Galaxy Watch 4 chargers may not be included in the box

Galaxy Watch 4 chargers may not be included in the box

Although Samsung’s smartwatches are always popular in their own right, Galaxy Watch 4 has become more awaited since Google I / O 2021 last month. That’s where the collaboration between the two companies was officially announced which would lead to the usable platform which eventually became one. That the Galaxy Watch 4 will run the Wear OS can be enough reason to be excited but some news bits may leave a little disappointed with what might be cut by Samsung in return.

In addition to running OS Wear, many details about the Galaxy Watch 4 and the potential of Galaxy Watch Active 4 are still absent at this time. Whether smartwatches will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear chip or the Samsung Exynos processor is also unknown but some details are now popping up, especially about their batteries and charging. Depending on how you see it, it might end up disappointing or even uncomfortable.

91Mobile has found a certification for the SM-R865F and SM-R860 Smartwatches that include having a 247mAh battery. It’s only a little bigger than the Galaxy Watch 30mAh Pack, which means there is almost no increase on the front. That said, switching from Tizen to use OS can bring some improvements in battery efficiency to make a larger battery unnecessary.

It might not sound so Bud but the discovery of myfixguide maybe. Listing for what is considered two Galaxy Watch 4 and two Galaxy Watch Active 4 WeaTables shows that they will not come with chargers in the box. The step will be in line with the elimination of Samsung charger from the Galaxy S21 box but is a very different situation with SmartWatches.

Unlike smartphones, the smartwatch charger is not exactly compatible with each other. Unless Samsung introduced a new method of filling Galaxy Watch 4, the buyer might be forced to also make a separate charger purchase, which is good news for Samsung but not for consumers.

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