Fireos: Is the Amazon software competing with Android?

Fireos: Is the Amazon software competing with Android?

Since Google’s Android operating system began in 2010, other providers are allowed to create their own grip, smartphones to the tablets.

Amazon has done precisely that with Fireos, keeping a look that makes it know that you are in the world of Amazon.

It even appeared in the Amazon Malinated Fire Phone in 2014, which has lasted only for a year before being canceled.

However, the similarities between Fireos and Android are too numerous to count, but some use cases that could make you ask if a shooting device could work in your household.

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Differences with Android

Fireos appeared for the first time in 2012 with the Kindle Fire tablet, as a way to compete at the Apple iPad Mini. Since then, it has been divided into different versions, appearing on devices such as fire television, echo show and fire tablets. However, Amazon has ensured keeping the user interface and the color palette to match its brand, with abundant orange when you access the Settings or browse application installed on your fire table.

Instead of Google Play Store, you go instead at the Amazon App Store. This includes a wide variety of applications, but it is also accessible from its own Amazon website. In this way, if you see an app you like there, you just have to buy it and download directly to your Amazon fire device. This is a much easier way for Amazon to manage available applications for the fire line.

But the more you explain more deeply in Fireos, the more you can find a knowledge, especially if you have an Android phone. You can avoid the range of Amazon and use alternative third-party applications instead, allowing features such as mouse support and even the ability to manage games and movies that are not present on the store. Amazon.

As Fireos takes place on a version of Android, it also means that it is open to a wide variety of games. For example, the Xbox GamePass application can be used on a fireplace tablet and with some rejig, a fire TV. Essentially, you can play Halo 2 on your TV, with a controller of your choice associated with the device. This is an incredibly attractive aspect, especially for those who do not have Xbox. You can simply start the app and continue with your game of choice.

However, with the own Amazon game streaming service, called Luna, at the test, it could help transform Fireos into a much more attractive game device to allow even more access to games that only require a controller and an internet connection.

First day

While Amazon Prime Day is the rumor of landing at the end of June, it also means that this is an excellent opportunity to watch a new Amazon device, especially if you want something to play games sure.

With slowly rising restrictions and more opportunities available to meet people, travel will come back again. It only means having a Fire HD tablet to watch your favorite James Bond movies could be the perfect use for one.