Draytek Vigor3910 Review

Draytek Vigor3910 Review

Draytek Vigor3910 is a rich multi-wan security router will be intended for high-level business use. The main focus area is a high bandwidth connection, with the SFP + and 2.5GBe 10GB port, some WAN support for internet connection redundancy, remote VPN connection and the ability to manage a wider network of draytek devices. In other words, it is designed to be a large and varied network center, which may expand on several sites and have many workers or remote workers.

In the space available in reviews like this, honestly rather difficult to do justice for all the ins and outs of Vigor3910. For more understanding it, we would highly recommend checking the online draytek online demo, where you can investigate and test the interface and features in advance. You can also do the same for other Draytek devices.

The product page is also a good call point, and makes it easy to check the manual, guide, and even video overview.

Draytek Vigor3910 Price and Availability

At the time of writing, Draytek Vigor3910 was difficult to find in the US, but more available in the UK and Australia. Vigor3910 will make you back $ 800 / £ 700 / au $ 1,440.

Design and Specifications

Vigor3910 is a router, so it’s all about connecting your business to the internet. It has two port 10g / 1g SFP +, which can be used for LAN or WAN. This means you can connect to ultra-fast fiber internet, or link to a 10GBE network for a high local throughput, or of course both. You also get two, 2.5GBE RJ45 Network LAN / WAN port, four port LAN / WAN 1GBE RJ-45, and finally four standard 1GBE ports. You also get two USB 3.0 connections that can be used to attach external storage (although only one by one) or connect the printer.

So everything, you can configure up to eight WAN ports and if necessary, allows large internet throughput and connection redundancy. Vigor3910 includes a comprehensive balancing load and failover control, and supports high availability so you can run the second router that enters if the first has hardware problems.

Eight WAN connections may be excessive for most businesses, but for certain settings, some internet connections are very useful. For example, one SFP + port can handle super fast 10Gbps internet fiber connections (or the maximum speed available), while the 2.5GBE or 1GBE port is connected to a secondary 1Gbps connection, or other high-speed Internet. Or you can combine multiple fibers, cables, VDSL connections available to provide better bandwidth. One or more Ethernet ports can be configured to link to a separate 4G modem router (where Draytek has a lot) for wireless backup. Channel connections can be collected together for performance, while 4G can be saved as a backup, or only used during very high charge.

The remaining SFP + and 2.5G / 1G port can then be used to link to other parts of the business, for example SFP + fiber connection to maintain a high throughput to the long distance from the business. They can also be used to provide excellent performance for heavy data requirements, such as network storage attached.

While Vigor3910 can allow very fast internet connection, also need to handle all the data. Thanks to the 1.2GHz Quad-Core CPU and hardware acceleration, the nat throughput is 9.4Gbps large, and 1 million NAT sessions.

One use for all these bandwidth is a VPN connection, for business with many workers or remote workers. Vigor3910 can handle up to 500 VPN connections together, with 3.3 Gbps throughput. 200 of them can be encrypted connection VPN SSL, with 1.6 Gbps throughput. Vigor3910 supports all industry standards for VPN, and can also carry out VPN trunking, where some WAN connections can be used to link to remote devices, provide extra bandwidth and failover support.


Vigor3910 is well equipped to handle multiple networks, with support for 50 VLANs and subnets.

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