Apple AR Headset is still Mia but can launch Q2 2022

Apple AR Headset is still Mia but can launch Q2 2022

WWDC 2021 lowered many items for Apple fans on all devices and even tempting some of the things Apple will do in the next few months. However, someone who is often rumored is still without a trace. Apart from the trust profession on Augmented Reality technology, Apple has not revealed even shadows of AR headsets that are widely reported. It will still come, but those who are waiting may not want to hold my breath because the latest words are that his debut might come only in mid 2022.

Apple considers her believe the company in augmented reality which makes it different from the more VR companies. Indeed, it has invested a lot on AR on his mobile device, especially through Arcore, and has left Google behind the arena despite leading the initial giant technology. That said, Apple hasn’t come out with a special AR device, the headset really, which will really test AR technology.

The AR headset has long been rumored to be in work but there has been no leaking date. Ming-chi famous kuo recently said it would come in the “next few months” but it was really unclear. Now analysts put a tighter months, sometimes in the second quarter of 2022, but it actually won’t be an AR Pamungkas device.

According to research reports that mainly focus on the supplier of Apple Genius Electronic Optical, Apple AR HMD will be more like a more mixed reality headset towards VR. The AR aspect will really come through a video pass-through video, which is the place where the genius will enter.

The AR glasses are “real”, which is not expected at least until 2025. It is a long time waiting, considering how long Apple has been rumored to work on technology and hardware, but not too surprising for Apple. However, it has been rumored to have worked on smart car products and software but it hasn’t seen daylight.

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