Top wallets who have changed the era of technology

Top wallets who have changed the era of technology

In this era of technology, everything has just become one click away. Especially payments have become so easier and convenient. People living in any corner of the world, in any city in this world can transfer money or receive money without any hassle. All thanks to the payment wallets! Not only this, you don’t have to carry green cash in your pockets or credit debit cards with you when you go out for grocery shopping. You can just pay your bill with the help of your smartphone carrying the e-wallet apps. There are many e-wallet apps which one can use. But, here we have listed some of the top wallets which have changed the definition of the transaction and have made transactions easier

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most used payment transfer wallet in the world. Founded by Elon Musk, PayPal is the best alternative to paper methods like cash and check. This payment wallet helps you transferring money to online vendors, other PayPal users, and other commercial users, it is one of the safest methods to transfer money without any hassle or hotch-potch. Started with the payment provider wallet for eBay transactions only, PayPal has made the job of transferring money easier all around the world. You can transfer money from one country to another with zero transfer finds and some of the Paypal coupons available on Indiashoppers website that you can easily avail.

2. Google Wallet

Google is known for making the job easier- whether it is storing data, building apps, watching videos, or sending money. Google Wallet is another integration with other Google products. You can easily send money to someone using Google Wallet. You just have to know about your Gmail e-mail address and you can send money through Google Wallet. It becomes very easy if you are already having a Google Account. Google Wallet is very easy to use and is very well designed. You just have to download the Google Wallet app and you are good to go for money transfer.

3. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a great mobile payment solution by Apple which has made purchasing and transactions easily. You can simply use this Wallet app and connect your credit cards and debit cards with it to pay your bills at retail stores. If you are having iOS11 or above in your iPhone or iPad, this Apple Pay wallet allows you to transfer money from iMessage too. Although it is only for the Apple users, still it is one of the most used in European and American market. People love to do all their transactions via Apple Pay- thanks to the security of Apple.

4. Skrill

You just need an email address to transfer money to someone via this payment wallet called Skrill. It is one of the busiest payment wallets in the Western world. With the help of email address login only, you can create your payment wallet, add your debit cards, credit cards to the wallet and you are good to go. You can freely send money to your bank account, your friends and receive money from your friends too. With full security and no risk of money going here and there, you can pay your bills with this payment wallet and get exciting deals.

5. Neteller

Neteller is one of the most used payment wallets in Western countries. It is a multi-currency e-wallet which can be set up online easily. You can pay money, receive money or transfer it to your friends and other retailers. Neteller is way safer than using traditional credit card methods, debit cards or doing transactions into green cash. No one loves to carry big cash in their pocket, so Neteller makes it way easier for you to transfer big money with just one click. You can join Neteller for free and get started doing your transactions on it and you can find various coupons on e-commerce website.