Spotify’s latest features like round-ups wrapped every day in a year

Spotify’s latest features like round-ups wrapped every day in a year

Spotify is launching two new features: one is called only you who will provide some broad-minded information about your listening habits and the other is called a mixture that allows you to incite your music preferences with a friend to make a new playlist.

Available from Android and iOS devices, only those who are kind of similar to annual round-up services that open services that occur before the end of the year, show you which music you are most often listen to and which artists just arrived on your radar through the Information Card Instagram style.

Part of the fun new features is the audio-born chart and your artist’s partner showing various artists that you have given with recently, as well as your dream dinner party asking who you will invite to Soiree and make a special playlist for events.

In this application, you will also be able to navigate to a new section called only you who will show you personalized playlists based on genres or decades of music that bring together some of your favorite artists and songs.

Other new features, mixed, still in the beta version but allow you to invite friends to synchronize to create a playlist based on your music preferences. It is available for both Spotify Premium and Spotify basic members and can be found in Hub ‘made for you’.

Keep you set

There is no spotify HIFI, but only you and a mixture that really is just a new way to Spotify to get you involved with the service for a longer period of time – has the potential to draw your friends with you for travel.

While Spotify does not immediately say anything, it feels like a company trying to take advantage of social involvement from the year-end extravaganza wrapped in everyday events.

Indeed, nothing is wrong with it and blends is a neat feature that will allow you to automatically combine your listening habits with your friends and family … though, you clearly have a better taste in music, clear.