Common Vastu Faults While Buying A Home

Common Vastu Faults While Buying A Home

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science, has long been the basis for singling out and developing ideal living spaces. Vastu-compliant homes are almost always preferred over their non-compliant counterparts, for the simple reason that they are believed to foster happiness, harmony, wealth and health.

Marina Enclave for instance, a fine residential project at Malad West in Mumbai, has on offer 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments that have been designed with a keen eye on luxury, dovetailed with all probable Vastu compliances at the same time.

Irrespective of whether you are a first-time home buyer or have been dabbling in real estate for some time now, here’s a quick checklist to ironing out some of the more common Vastu slips:

  • Getting the entrance wrong

While you are evaluating the layout or design plan of a plot (apartment or flat), keep an eye out for the entrance. That is because it is the entrance that holds the key to ushering in harmony and positivity for your family.

For instance, an entrance at the South-west implies non-conformity to Vastu standards, one that isn’t considered ideal for the simple reason that it might adversely impact both finances and familial relationships.

Conversely, an entrance in the northern corner of the apartment is deemed ideal when it comes to matters of the heart and money, including a surge in business related exploits as well.

  • Skipping the Vastu while setting up the rooms

You might follow your whims and want to set up the living room in a particular corner of the house. But know you’d not be doing justice to your ability to grow – both personally and financially – considering the corner might not be the best Vastu-specified spot.

For instance, a living room at the east is ideal for forging and fortifying social connections. On the other hand, with a bedroom somewhere in between East and South-east, chances are you’d wake up increasingly anxious every morning and see your house gradually become a bedlam, of sorts.

There is more to be followed here. Avoid setting up the washroom anywhere close to the North and North-east corner of your house – for it can leave your immunity seriously compromised. For the kitchen, head South-east and keep off from South-west and North-east.

  • Not heeding location of other rooms and internal elements

To start with, each living space is classified into sixteen directions (or zones) in space. Each of these zones is governed by its master element that affects aspects of your life. For instance, the primary element of the northern zone is water, chief attributes of which include monetary gains and a flourishing career.

Likewise, the primary element of southern zone is fire, major attributes of which include relaxation and sleep.

Considering you want to invest in a fine piece of real estate in Mumbai, make sure you know the locations of different rooms and other internal elements – kitchen, wash-rooms, balcony, worship spot, etc. — that make up the apartment.

Get a Vastu expert to validate if all the five principle elements pervade their respective zones in the house – North should be imbued with water, East with air, South with fire, West with space and South-west with earth.

If luxury living is on your mind, you can certainly put your money on Marina Enclave. This residential project has on offer some of the more premium 3 BHK flats in Mumbai while agreeing with Vastu standards at the same time.


In the Indian real estate landscape, a belief runs deep that conforming to Vastu standards while setting up your house bodes well for the future, ushering in satisfaction and harmony across all aspects of life. Hunting for a fine real estate prospect for the first time notwithstanding, abiding by Vastu compliances is always a good place to start from.

Marina Enclave, a luxury residential project in Mumbai, offers premium 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments that feature scintillating futuristic designs while corresponding to Vastu compliances as well.

While working on the final layout of your apartment, make sure that the entrance is in the northern corner of the house. This way, you can rest peacefully over the chances of prospering in business and monetarily, in general.

Next up is determining which corner of the house would the living room be in. East is considered the ideal corner, following which you’d be likely to forge and nurture excellent amicable connections within the society. Keep off the idea of having your living room somewhere between the East and South-east; Vastu standards don’t deem this a good omen. Moreover, a washroom that is housed in the north or North-east corner of the apartment is believed to jeopardize health. For the kitchen, consider South-east.

When the time is ripe for investing in real estate, don’t skimp on knowing the exact locations of the different rooms – kitchen, prayer spot, balcony, wash-rooms, door – that make up your apartment. Heed a vastu expert and find out if the principal elements – fire, earth, water, space and air – permeate their respective zones in the house.