Money making and wealth increasing has become relatively easier nowadays. Everything is available to us without any hard work or extra efforts. It is very easy to expand businesses and to grow in different sectors. Businesses no longer rely upon the conventional sale and purchase method and besides sole proprietors, no business belongs to a one man army. In order for expansion and growth of trade for companies and for investors to increase their wealth, buying and selling of shares has become very common.

Shares refer to one of the equal portions into which a company’s capital is divided which entitles the holder to some share of the company’s profit, if any, in the form of dividend. For the easier sale and purchase of these shares, brokers now play a very crucial role in everyday share market. Their main job is to help their clients in buying or selling shares. There are many types of brokers, discount brokers being one of the most cost efficient ones as they carry out orders at a cheaper cost due to a reduced commission rate. Unlike full service brokers, they do not provide any investment advice, research, planning and consultations. However they do provide a spectrum of other benefits like lower cost, unbiased services, 100% transparency, access to information, a variety of plans, paperless account opening and many more.

In search for the most compatible discount broker India has a vast pool of options, some of them as follows.

  • Wisdom Capital- It is one of the best and most renowned discount brokers in India. It is also known as the zero brokerage online broker. The margin provided by this agency for intraday trading is as high as 60 times in equities. It also offers Free Lifetime Plans to encourage the habit of investing in India without any hidden charges.
  • SAS Online- It stands for South Asia Stocks Ltd. This company started offering discount brokerage services in 2013 and ever since, it has emerged as one of the leading discount brokerage agencies in India. It is not open to NRI trading, but allows in various market modules such as equities, FNO, currency and commodity. They have no account minimum or hidden costs which makes it cheaper and trading easier without any hassles.
  • 5 Paisa- This online brokerage agency is a member of NSE and BSE. It allows trading in equities, IPO, commodities, mutual funds et cetera. It has been listed as one od the best stock brokers in India. It was also awarded the ‘ Best Digital Start-up of the year’ title in 2018 as they provide a high performing trade station and mobile application.
  •  Zerodha- It offers one of the cheapest, a brokerage rate of just  Rs.20 per trade, which was initially introduced by this brokerage firm only. It also has the flat fee concept. It was found in 2010 and is known for its discount pricing model and technology. However besides Zerodha, many firms have started offering much lower prices.

Hence it is very crucial to go through all the firms and checking out their reviews, pros and cons before enrolling into any such agency.